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We are celebrating our 25th anniversary!

After 25 years of working together to create a stable and growing community, it now is time to take the next step and BUILD THE FUTURE.

We dream of a strong and vibrant congregation, supported by traditional Jewish values with a modern vision.

Our congregation looks to build the future of Spanish Judaism in a tolerant, open and creative way.

In order to show our commitment to the future while anchored to our origins, we have chosen our “signature project” to be the writing of a SeferTorah.

Ours will be the first Madrid-based, Conservative, egalitarian Torah, a symbol not only of our past, but of a reaffirmed commitment to Sinai and the future.

The money raised will finance education, a mikveh, social action and youth programming, among other projects.

Don’t be left out of this once-in-a-lifetime project.

We need everyone’s help.

“Sign your name” on the signature project to regenerate Jewish life in Spain.

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